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Steel Pipe

Dominion has been supplying steel pipe since the origin of our company. In fact steel pipe became the product we are known for within the industry.

Concrete Pile

Concrete pile is one of the oldest foundation techniques used for soil retention and it is suitable for any soil condition.

Sheet Pile

Sheet pile has a high bending strength making it a very versatile product in terms of project uses.

H Pile

H pile is versatile, reusable and recyclable. It offers project planners many options due to its unique structure and chemical makeup.


Wide Flange Beams

Dominion Pipe and Piling also offers Wide Flange Beams. Tell us about your project and contact us for specs and pricing.

Pile Accessories

Browse through our various Pile accessories. CND Outside and Inside fit conical point, cutting shoes, and more.

Plate and Pile Caps

We offer plate and pile caps, end plates, oslo tips, and more.


We offer a range of services including lining, coating and the supply and installation of pipe pile end plates.


Pipe and Piling Products

The only company that offers you all four types of support systems:

  • Concrete Pile
  • Steel Pipe
  • Sheet Pile
  • H Pile
  • Penstock Coating and Lining
  • Structural Rebar